Meaning: contradict, or fail to give true impression

1. Shawn, whose energy belies her age of 85, takes the success of her 25 year old business in stride.
2. The presence of US troops in Saudi Arabia belies Trump claim to end ‘Forever War’ in Syria

Usage: Informal

Meaning: 1. Break, split, or burst.
2. Caught doing something wrong and therefore in trouble
3. Police raid
4.Caught by police for doing something illegal

1. The heater is busted, so the room is very cold.
2. James was busted for taking drugs.
3. His apartment was busted

Bel esprit

Pronunciation: bel-espree

Meaning: a witty/clever person (with a fine and gifted mind)

1. Shashi Tharoor is widely regarded as bel esprit in the world of logophiles.

2. Most of the stand-up comedians are beaux esprits.

plural: beaux esprits
pronunciation: boze-spree


Meaning: a serious eating disorder in which one eats large amounts of food, then try to prevent weight gain by vomiting , consuming slimming pills or laxatives, fasting (not eating anything), or exercising a lot more than usual.

1. Riya joined counselling sessions to overcome bulimia.
2. Many actors and athletes are the victims of bulimia.