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Meet Deepesh Sarda

Area of Expertise: Strong knowledge of General Math, Logical
Reasoning/Analytical Skills and Quantitative Techniques.

Academic Qualifications:
B. E. from KREC Surathkal (Now NIT Karnataka)

Professional Experience:
Over 20 years of work experience in IT/ITES, Social, Food, and Education

Relevant Experience: Last 9 years with reputed Institutes like IMS, T. I. M. E.,
OHM, etc. as a freelance trainer for QA, LR, DI (CAT, GATE, GRE, GMAT,
IPM, CLAT, CRT) and GD/PI for B-school aspirants. Last 4 years
active association with students of USA, helping students of Grade 7
to Grade 12 with their Math and also helping them with the SAT/ACT exam

Deepesh sarda

Providing 1:1 coaching for

Subject Expertise

Meet Neha

Neha is a Verbal Trainer and has been training students for IELTS, IBPS, SSC, GATE, and campus recruitment exams for 10 years. Having worked as an Assistant Professor for 5 years, she also mentors students for group discussions and interviews. She is TESOL certified from Arizona State University, Arizona, United States. A postgraduate from EFLU, Neha is currently working as a freelance trainer, providing her services to several colleges and institutes across Hyderabad.

She has been training students of different time zones for SAT/ACT for the past 3 years, helping students achieve better scores.

Other Relevant Experience: Teaching ELA (English Language and Arts) to the students of the USA from Grades 7 to 10, essay writing/research paper writing from Grades 8 to 12.

Neha verbal trainer

Providing 1:1 coaching for

Language Arts

Our Testimonials

Although my background in mathematics was built on a strong foundation, Deepesh analyzed my fundamentals and further improved on them. I am now able to solve and understand higher levels of math problems. His influence utilized my previous learning and significantly improve my capabilities with properly structured lectures.

SAT score: 800/800

Naman Janga
Houston, Texas, USA
Deepesh Sir has helped me in strengthening my concepts of both math sections on the SAT and he taught me many easier ways to approach the problems. Also, Sir taught me to manage my time properly to solve all the problems more quickly.
K Meetika
Houston, Texas, USA
My English experience has climbed and reached potentials I never thought were possible. The teaching I received helped me reach and exceed my goals and expectations. I am extremely grateful I had Neha to teach me new methods and rules that helped me improve my overall English capabilities.
Naman Janga
Houston, Texas, USA
Before I started classes with Neha Mam, I was struggling to get good scores in the reading and writing sections of the SAT. Ever since I started taking classes with Neha Mam, she has helped me in understanding the concepts more clearly which increased my confidence and had made a lot of difference in my score
K Meetika
Houston, Texas, USA

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