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Vocabulary Tablet is an ultimate platform to nurture your English Speaking and Writing skills. I attended many classes given by- Neha Ma’am, who started this platform and has been training passionately to students who are preparing for Campus Placements. These classes were really amazing, as I really tuned many of my weak aspects that I was literally unaware about. I urge everyone to use this beautiful platform to excel in almost every aspect of English Speaking and Writing to crack any HR and General interview rounds.
Kartik Joshi
Kartik Joshi
The words put by Vocabulary Tablet are quite unique and the explanation provided makes them easy to learn and understand. I have found many of these words in exams like CDS, AFCAT and INET. Thus, vocabulary tablet actually helps me in preparing for defence exams.
Kunal Maharana
There have been times in the past where I used to stammer a lot and feel shy talking in English in front of everyone. But when I came across VOCABULARY TABLET it was a chance which I took to express myself. And now I feel so confident of talking to clients from different countries and my higher officials.