Versant voice test

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Practice Questions


Set 1

  1. From his front window, Charles noticed a van pull up next door.
  2. It looked as if his new neighbors were finally in.
  3. The old neighbors have a noisy dog and a boy who loves loud music.
  4. Fortunately for Charles, his new neighbors have no pets and kids.
  1. Office supplies at work are always running low.
  2. The purchasing manager never has time to order the items we need.
  3. People who work with me have had trouble because of this.
  4. One of the clerks asks if he could order the office supplies himself.

Set 2

  1. For most people, commuting to work in this area is a nightmare.
  2. During peak hours, a drive across town takes much longer than it should.
  3. With everyone on different schedules, it’s hard to share a ride to work.
  4. And for many, public transportation is not an option.
  1. All her life, Cathy has wanted to learn to play the piano.
  2. In last week’s local paper, she noticed a beginner’s piano course.
  3. They guaranteed a method to teach you to play by ear in three months.
  4. Her goal is to play a short piece for her thirtieth birthday.

Set 3

  1. When we first moved to this neighborhood, there were almost no children.
  2. The park across the street was always empty.
  3. Now, twelve years later, the park is usually filled with children.
  4. The neighborhood school is filled to its capacity too.
  1. Karen shares a house with a college friend.
  2. Her dream is to move out of the city and get a large house with a yard.
  3. More than anything, she wants a big garden with flowers and fruit trees.
  4. For now, she has a few houseplants on a shelf by her window.

Set 4

  1. Jeff bought a second-hand television set last weekend.
  2. When he brought it home and plugged it in, he couldn’t get a clear picture.
  3. So, he took it to a local TV repair shop to be fixed.
  4. For what the repair cost, it would have been cheaper to buy a new one.
  1. When my parents go on a trip, they use a travel agent to book their trips.
  2. Everything is planned for them, except for what to pack.
  3. When I plan a trip, I prefer to find cheap tickets and hotels.
  4. I pack a good travel guide and explore on my own.