• 5 Novels to Improve Your Skills in the English Language
    In the world of literature, English novels have been a dominating force in terms of both popularity and influence. Numerous books have inspired people to embark on journeys towards their goals, while others, written by renowned personalities, share life lessons. Both fiction and non-fiction novels have attracted an enormous number of readers. Due to … Read more
  • Mastering the Art of Body Language: 5 Tips for Effective Communication
    Effective communication is a cornerstone of human interaction, and body language is a powerful tool that shapes how we express our thoughts and emotions. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into five essential tips that will help you refine your body language skills, empowering you to communicate effectively and make a lasting impact in … Read more
  • Mastering the Art of Negotiation: 5 Tips for Success
    Negotiation, as defined by the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary, is a “formal discussion between people who are trying to reach an agreement.” While this definition may seem straightforward, the art of negotiation requires more than just individuals conversing. Negotiation is a skill that must be honed to thrive in today’s fiercely competitive world. Whether you’re … Read more
  • Linking Words of Contrast –List and Examples
    The words “whereas,” “in contrast,” “however,” “notwithstanding,” “nevertheless,”  “while,” “In spite,” “despite,” and “on the other hand” are used to introduce and highlight contrasting or opposing ideas in a sentence. Here’s how to use them: Whereas: “Whereas” is used to introduce a contrasting or opposing idea, often to show a difference between two things … Read more
  • Deloitte Versant Test Resources
    Practice Questions PART A – READING Set 1 From his front window, Charles noticed a van pull up next door. It looked as if his new neighbors were finally in. The old neighbors have a noisy dog and a boy who loves loud music. Fortunately for Charles, his new neighbors have no pets and … Read more
  • “The Banana Tree” by James Berry
    “The Banana Tree” by James Berry is a short story set in a Caribbean village during a hurricane. The story primarily focuses on the character of Gustus, a young boy who is deeply connected to a banana tree that was planted over his umbilical cord at birth. Gustus wants to sell his bananas to … Read more
  • How to Ace Group Discussion in Placements
    Group discussion is one the main processes through which the candidates are filtered  for the final round, i.e., interview. Group discussion allows the company to assess the candidates in different ways. In this article, we are going to know various ways in which you can ace a Group Discussion (GD). College admIn a GD, … Read more
  • 5 Tips on How to Read Effectively
    For some, reading is just a hobby, and for some it’s essential. Whatever the purpose of reading is, everyone wants to be better at what they are doing. From novel to poetry, from Rabindranath Tagore to T.S. Elliot, we all have our reading memories. But if you want to be more than just a … Read more
  • TED Talks and Why You Should Listen to Them
    A great story has the ability to access your deep emotions. A great story has the power to make you the best version of yourself. A great story can deeply impact your thought process and can make you dwell into the world that is yet to be discovered. TED Talks is the platform that … Read more
  • SAT Preparation Tips and Resources
    The SAT exam is used by most colleges and universities in the US to make admission decisions. This isa multiple-choice, pen and paper examination. The primary purpose of SAT is to measure the highschool student’s readiness for college and provide colleges with one common data point thatcompares all the applicants College admission officers will … Read more
  • SAT Reading Techniques
    SAT might not be the most difficult to crack exam in the world, but it is certainly tricky. The questions are designed to leave you scratching your head without proper SAT preparation and the right coaching. It takes multiple rounds of solving SAT practice test papers and learning the proper techniques and strategies to … Read more
  • SAT One Month Preparation Strategy
    The SAT exam is conducted in the U.S. 5 times a year. It is a mandatory exam to get admission to colleges for undergraduate courses in 90% of the colleges in the U.S. This test is of great importance and requires consistent study for at least 3 to 6 months. However, do not worry … Read more
  • SAT High Frequency Words
    Are you preparing for your SAT exam and are looking for the best study material and guidance for SAT preparation? Almost all the colleges in the U.S. need their students to clear the SAT, or the Scholastic Assessment Test, in order to proceed with the admissions. This test is designed to cover the written, … Read more
  • Interesting Vocabulary Words From Movies
    Imagine: the surroundings around you are quiet; the barren land extends up to infinity and you’re driving on the road in a convertible car with music as your companion. Imagine you are away from the city in a farm with greenery all around and you are holding your favourite book. Imagine that it is … Read more
  • Interesting Vocabulary Words From Web Series
    Good literature can be found in any form of art such as books, poetry or even entertainment media. Literature may not be as flourished in entertainment media as in other mediums but one cannot overlook the impact it has on its viewers. From The Dick Van Dyke Show to the latest Stranger Things, the … Read more
  • Difficult Words With Meanings
    Words are expressions. There are at least 4, 70,000 vocabulary words in English. As you read this line, new words might be getting created and floating around in any university. That is the level at which English has been churning the words and releasing them into this world. Knowing new words is a challenge to some … Read more
  • Vocabulary from Newspaper
    Information is fodder for humanity. Right from the beginning of humankind, the shared information has what kept us going. Information you receive or share makes an impression on you; it shapes you; it designs an opinion; it creates something. Political, geological or any field of education has always seen information as a basis to … Read more
  • Improve your Business Vocabulary for effective communication
    World-renowned philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein once said “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world”, which essentially grapples with the need and requirement of a language in the world. From early humans to modern beings, everyone in this world, for centuries, has used language as a tool to send messages through birds, … Read more
  • How to Get Your First Job ?
    The ecstatic feeling of getting the first job is almost equal to climbing the Mount Everest. Every year hundreds of thousands of students achieve this feat. If you want to belong in that elite list of students, this article is for you. Being patient and passionate about the work you are going to do … Read more
  • Websites to Prepare for Placements
    For any college graduate, placements are a vital and crucial experience that will establish a foundation for the future endeavors. This experience will prepare them for the outer world and the cut-throat competition that they will have to face. Owing to the changing world and our own perception of learning, we are at fingertips … Read more
  • Backlogs and How to Clear Them
    One eternal barrier that any college student might face in his/her Graduation is a Backlog. By the virtue of its name the Great purpose of a Backlog is to make you logged back in a subject or if you are lucky then subjects. Having a backlog is probably one of the most common characteristics … Read more
  • The Career Dilemma
    One word that has always been in the forefront of an Indian household discussion is career. Right from the beginning of adolescence to adulthood the questions around career take different forms in different situations but they are always around the corner. Due to this clutter of questions and the burden of pressure, many students … Read more
  • The First Year of College and How to Do Well
    Every year in the world and especially in India there are two sets of students who are going to face a new chapter in their adulthood. One who is entering into it and one who is embracing it. This precisely translates into the ones who are entering into the graduation college and the ones … Read more
  • Online Courses
    One of the most revolutionary changes that the pandemic has brought into our lives is working and learning through the internet. As the world around us is growing at bullet speed, people are also adapting to those changes and expanding their academic catalog to climb new heights in their careers. Working as well as … Read more
  • How to Overcome Breakups?
      Here we are with one question whose answer is untraceable, with one feeling that’s not leaving us, with one emotion that is burning us from inside, with one goal that looks far away. But the answer can be found, the feeling can be eliminated, the emotion can be frosted. The Goal can be … Read more
  • Podcasts, Their Rise, and Some Suggestions
    In an expeditiously changing world and the prompt slashing of opinions, it became almost a racing competition to put out one’s school of thought. We are subjected to millions of tweets and thousands of posts from all directions. In this sea of slants and sides, one prominent tool that is available to completely express … Read more
  • Most Commonly Mispronounced English Words in India (PART 3)
    Welcome to the part-3 of our ongoing series of the most commonly mispronounced English words in India. 21. Coupon Mispronounced as koo-pun Correct Pronunciation: ‘koo-pon 22. Chandelier Mispronounced as chan-du-‘leer Correct Pronunciation: Shan-du-‘leer 23. Chef Mispronounced as chef Correct Pronunciation: shef 24. Competitive Mispronounced as kom-pi-ti-tiv Correct Pronunciation: kum-‘pe-ti-tiv 25. Comedian Mispronounced as ko-me-dee-un … Read more
  • Most Commonly Mispronounced English Words in India (PART 2)
    Welcome to the part-2 of our series: the most commonly mispronounced English words in India. 11. JOJOBA Mispronounced as jo-jo-ba Correct Pronunciation: hu-‘how-buh 12. MOJITO Mispronounced as mo-ji-to Correct Pronunciation: mu-‘hee-tow 13. LASAGNE Mispronounced as lsaag-ne Correct Pronunciation: lu-‘zaan-yu 14. CHAOS Mispronounced as chey-os Correct Pronunciation: key-os 15. QUOTE Mispronounced as kot Correct Pronunciation: … Read more
  • Quick Tips for Placement Interviews
    It is almost the year-end, and many local companies, as well as MNCs, are getting themselves ready to hire a fresh batch of students. In the wake of the forthcoming placement interviews and other aspects related to it, this article presents you the dos and don’ts of bagging your desired job.    i) Research … Read more
  • Most Commonly Mispronounced English Words in India (PART 1)
    English is not our mother tongue. I get it, and there is nothing to be ashamed of if you end up mispronouncing a few words. However, learning should never stop. We highly recommend checking pronunciation of the new words that you add in your mental dictionary while also checking the pronunciation of the old … Read more
  • Your Guide to Deloitte Versant Test
    Deloitte conducts a voice versant test for its prospective recruits. The test is taken by graduates, post graduates, and even experienced professionals as qualifying test for entering Deloitte. This article covers the sections and strategies to nail this test. Sections There are different types of Versant tests such as Versant Writing Test, Versant Placement … Read more
  • Tips for Online Interview | Dos and Don’ts
    Thanks to Covid-19, we have all made some major leaps in our lives personally and professionally. Although virtual interviews were always real, they have become the new-normal and are even replacing offline mode of interviews. Whether it is an interview for a B-school or a job at a reputed company, there are some silly … Read more
  • Tricky Grammar
    In this post, we are discussing some commonly confused words: lie and lay, lately and recently, since and for, past and last, back and before, affect and effect 1. Lie and Lay: First of all, let us look at the verb forms for each of these words: Lie        lay       lain Lay       laid     laid Now, … Read more
  • Modals of Possibility and Certainty: Could, Might, May, Must
    When indicating possibility in present or future, we can use ‘could’, ‘might’ or ‘may’ with first form of verb. For example: Neil may come home late tonight. Neil might come home late tonight. Neil could come home late tonight. All these three sentences indicate possibility of Neil coming home late. Further examples with base … Read more
  • Common Grammar Mistakes-2
    Let’s observe some more common errors.  Incorrect: “I went to abroad.” Correct:  “I went abroad.” Another common mistake is saying, “I did not go anywhere in the last week.” The correct way to say this sentence is, “I did not go anywhere the last week.” Explanation: We don’t use preposition ‘in’ with words like … Read more
  • Common Grammar Mistakes-1
    In this and the next post, we are going to look at some common grammar mistakes. Many of us make these mistakes not only in spoken English but also in written English. Let’s get rid 0f these errors! Incorrect: One of my friend is here. Correct: One of my friends is here. Explanation: Here, … Read more
  • Modals of Preference
    The three modals of preference,  ‘would rather’, ‘like…better than’, and ‘prefer to,’ are used to indicate preference.  Examples:  I would rather read an e-book. I like reading e-book better than printed books. I prefer reading e-books to printed books I would rather read e-books than printed books. Note: When we use ‘would rather’, we … Read more
  • My Journey En Route: B School
    Way back in school, my high aggregate in every examination was attributed to me being conventionally “meritorious”. The Indian middle-class myopic approach made one and all overlook the fact that it was the languages and other non-sciencey (at the risk of sounding neological) subjects like geography and at best, life science, that secured me … Read more
  • How I joined MBA and got through the selection process of B schools
    The Initial Dilemma Just like every common student, my mind was in a huge enigma about which path I should tread to make my future brighter. In my final year of graduation, I decided to explore a lot of options. I wrote a few government exams including the ones for ISRO and DRDO. Being … Read more
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  • Reduced Adjective Clauses
    An adjective clause, just like an adjective, modifies a noun or a pronoun. It is called a clause because it has a subject and a verb. The adjective clauses can be reduced to phrases in our day to day conversation. The reduced clauses are less wordy and are used to shorten the sentences. Note … Read more
  • Do You Feel Alive?
    Do you feel alive? This is the most important question that you should ask yourself every now and then. Just close your eyes take a deep breath and try to answer this question. Do you feel alive? You may wonder why I am asking such a stupid question. It’s alright; in the end, I … Read more
  • How to Be Fluent in English
    I am often asked, “Mam, how can I improve my fluency?” Many students complain, “There is no one I can practice speaking English with. If I speak, people make fun of me.” Others say, “I want to speak, but words get stuck in my throat.” Speaking requires practice just like swimming. So, you have … Read more
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  • Mindtree Placement Experience
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