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For any college graduate, placements are a vital and crucial experience that will establish a foundation for the future endeavors. This experience will prepare them for the outer world and the cut-throat competition that they will have to face. Owing to the changing world and our own perception of learning, we are at fingertips away from an ocean of knowledge. With the internet being the biggest digital library for any purpose, learning how to ace a placement interview has become easier and economical. From written exams to final interviews, you can today access any kind of information on various websites and can benefit heavily from them. So, in this article, we are going to look at some of the most useful websites that will help you ace the placement interviews and help you land at your dream job.

  1. Prepinsta

           One of the highly visited web pages for any interview guidance is Prepinsta. Prepinsta has several curated options that will help you up your game of placement preparation. The website has an exam syllabus of all major companies that come for on-campus recruitment. It gives specific topics that you are looking for such as programming and aptitude. This gives you a great deal of clarity on which topic you want to focus on. It also regularly provides a paid and free version of questions for practice. You can also see the interview experience of other candidates to boost your confidence and courage and be better prepared for the commonly asked questions.

Prepinsta also has a distinctive catalog of the specific questions/placement format relevant to the companies that you are getting interviewed for. It also has video format learning where you can see interview processes and can also take mock interviews to know your strengths and areas of improvement

2. Indiabix

        Another widely used website especially for aptitude and reasoning learning is indiabix. This website allows you to prepare for general aptitude, verbal reasoning, current affairs and GK. In the above-mentioned categories, it has multiple subdivisions which will provide you deeper knowledge on the respective topic. An absolutely free website, full of resources, to help practice the questions before the D-day. Indiabix also provides you with an array of specifically developed MCQs for engineering, medical and sciences, programming, technical areas, and logical reasoning. Online tests are also available on indiabix.

3. Geeksforgeeks

                As the name suggests, geeksforgeeks is a platform for any budding coding enthusiast. This website provides you with a great opportunity to learn about data structures and algorithms. With help of geeksforgeeks, you can enhance your skills in coding and programming.  It offers you practice problems, video lectures, and quizzes. It also hosts discussions on coding and its applicability. This website contributes to a great learning on algorithmic techniques which can assist you in problem-solving. Geeksforgeeks extends its services in two programming languages which are C++ and Java. All this knowledge available on the platform and a good knack for learning will definitely aid your learning process.  It can also elevate your portfolio enabling you to secure a job in tech-giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe and more.

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