Quick Tips for Placement Interviews

Quick Tips for Placement Interviews

It is almost the year-end, and many local companies, as well as MNCs, are getting themselves ready to hire a fresh batch of students. In the wake of the forthcoming placement interviews and other aspects related to it, this article presents you the dos and don’ts of bagging your desired job.

   i) Research about the company that is going to hire you

          The first and the most important thing is to know about the company and the kind of work they have been focusing on. A simple google search will help you to know about the company and its foundations. This information comes in very much handy when you are in that room with officials filtering everyone; your knowledge about the company and its history will always impress them.  They will get the feeling that you are prepared for the company and its work culture, which propels higher chances for your name to be on the consideration list. A simple question to ask ourselves: why would anyone be interested in you if you are not interested in them?

ii) Gather the necessary knowledge and basic terminology regarding the subject of the interview

For this part, you might want to contact a college senior, a friend, or a relative who is already in that respective field to know the type of questions that might get asked in the course of the interview. Having this information in your pocket will boost your confidence and your chances of grabbing a position in the company. Whether you are a fluent English speaker or a moderate communicator, it is always helpful to have a grip on some basic terminology regarding the respective field of questions. Note that, in MNC interviews, you have to speak only in English unless the interviewer specifically asks you to speak in mother tongue or other language.

If you are uncomfortable speaking in English, it is a good idea to practice your English speaking skills with a friend. Alternatively, you can also do mirror practice with yourself or take up an English speaking course to improve your language skills.

iii) Take care of your appearance

       Your appearance and the way you present yourself are the first things an interviewer notice. The way you ask permission to come into the room, the way you sit and the way you dress are the instant characteristics that the panel notices before they start a questionnaire. Make sure to wear crisp and ironed clothes. Avoid clothes that are too dark in color. If you plan to wear accessories like watches, bracelets, rings then it is advisable to keep them minimal and not overdo them as too many accessories may act as a distraction to the interviewer.  There should be a delightful flow of conversation between you and the interviewer and these distractions should be avoided to have that flow of conversation. Make sure your hair is neat and well combed.

Due to the huge change that the pandemic brought into our lives, some companies prefer an online interview. If that’s the case with you, then along with the above-mentioned things follow these tips:

  1. A stable Wi-Fi network is a must; make sure you have a high-speed internet connection at the time of the interview.
  2. Good lighting is another aspect you need to keep in mind. Select a place where there is an ample amount of light that will give the interviewer a clear vision of how you are conducting yourself.
  3. Background noise should be avoided to have the above-said flow of conversation. Mostly select a dark background surface and high lighting position which is perfect for the online interviews.
  4. The camera angle shouldn’t be distorted.
  5. Be mindful about your body posture. Don’t hunch and don’t keep changing your sitting position.
  6. If any problem arises, don’t panic, but handle the situation with grace and courage which in turn shows your managing skills in the time of crisis.

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