Most Commonly Mispronounced English Words in India (PART 1)

English is not our mother tongue. I get it, and there is nothing to be ashamed of if you end up mispronouncing a few words. However, learning should never stop. We highly recommend checking pronunciation of the new words that you add in your mental dictionary while also checking the pronunciation of the old ones.

Many of the words we just pick from people around us like our teachers, friends, and colleagues. Unfortunately, we forget to check the pronunciation to see whether what we have learned is correct or not. As a result, we internalize the flaws and over a period of time, it becomes hard to get rid of those flaws. Again, practice makes everyone perfect. So, here we are compiling a list of some commonly mispronounced words in India. We hope you won’t make these mistakes😊

  1. COMB

Usually pronounced as komb which is incorrect.

Correct pronunciation: kowm

The ‘b’ is silent.

  1. TOMB

Usually pronounced as tomb but ‘b’ is silent even here.

Correct pronunciation: toom

  1. WOMB

Usually pronounced as womb, but

Correct pronunciation: woom

  1. PIZZA

Pronounced as pi-zza

Correct pronunciation: peet-suh

(u as in ago)


Pronounced as wed-nus-dey

Correct pronunciation: wenz-dey

(‘d’ in wed is silent)

  1. GENRE

Pronounced as jener

Correct pronunciation: zhaan-ruh (US) or zhon-ruh (UK)

  1. POEM

Mispronounced as po-eem

Correct pronunciation: pow-um


Mispronounced as po-ee-tree

Correct pronunciation: pow-i-tree


Mispronounced as assess

Correct pronunciation: ak-ses


Mispronounced as o-to-mobile

Correct pronunciation: o-tu-mu-beel

Want to get grip on your pronunciation? Then, visit the official website of Cambridge Dictionary.

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