Tips for Online Interview | Dos and Don’ts

Thanks to Covid-19, we have all made some major leaps in our lives personally and professionally. Although virtual interviews were always real, they have become the new-normal and are even replacing offline mode of interviews.

Whether it is an interview for a B-school or a job at a reputed company, there are some silly mistakes many interviewees end up making. So, based on our observations, here are a few tips for all interviewees to do better at an online interview.

1. Plan Ahead: Many of us get jittery just before the interview and may forget the basics. Here’s a gentle reminder:

  • Drink water/juice ahead of the interview, it helps you stay alert.
  • To avoid drowsiness during the interview, don’t have meals or eat anything heavy prior to the interview.
  • Keep a pen and a paper or a notepad ready by your side for the interview.

2. Background: Imagine a pile of clothes or a suitcase visible in your background or even a Spider-Man sticker on the wall—we all have our quirks, but hey, interviewer doesn’t need to know them. Make sure the background is absolutely plain with a clean wall behind you. Keep it professional!

3. Brighten it up: It puts an interviewer off when he/she can’t see your face properly. So, ensure that your surroundings are well lit, and your face is clearly visible to the interviewer. Pro tip: Turn off the light behind you, and use the light that is opposite to your face. If possible, you can also use a ring light or selfie light to improve the lighting.

4. Camera Angle: Adjust your camera in a way that your whole face is visible and not just your eyes and nose. Ideally, it is good to have the camera angle adjusted so that you are visible at least up to your shoulders.

Tip: Download a camera app on your desktop or try zoom to set your camera angle and lighting in advance. You can’t test or adjust the settings when the interview has already started!

5. Quiet Background: To make your interview successful, sit in a quiet room where NO ONE else is present. Lock the door for the time being if you must. 

6. Eye Contact: Where are you looking? This is probably the most common mistake that students make—looking anywhere except at the camera lens. Eye contact is essential; hence, look at the CAMERA and not your computer screen as you respond.

7. Dress for the Occasion: Even if it is an online interview, it is an INTERVIEW. So, dress to impress. For girls, don’t go overboard with make up or accessories. Wear a chudidaar, saari or a formal suit. For boys, choose between pastels and grey or blue for a shirt. While you can go for either half sleeve or full sleeve shirt, full sleeve shirt is better, especially if you have any tattoo on your arm.  Make sure the shirt is well-ironed and is comfortable. Also, check your collar and adjust it if required. 

8. Posture: Be mindful of your posture. Avoid fidgeting or leaning too forward or backward. Find your still center and sit upright. 

9. Connection and Battery: Check your internet connection and run a speed test if you must. Also, ensure that your laptop is fully charged, you don’t want it to die during the interview. 

10. Keep your hands off your face: Some of us subconsciously play with pens or have a habit of touching our face during conversations. Avoid doing any of these by all means during your interview. Such movements act as distractors and may not be liked by your interviewer. 

11. Hush the Phone: This goes without saying, but still, don’t forget to put your phone on silent before the interview. The interviewer deserves your full attention. 

We hope these tips help you in your next interview. 

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