Backlogs and How to Clear Them

One eternal barrier that any college student might face in his/her Graduation is a Backlog. By the virtue of its name the Great purpose of a Backlog is to make you logged back in a subject or if you are lucky then subjects. Having a backlog is probably one of the most common characteristics in a college. When it first happens different students react to it differently. Some might take it as part of their college life and some might take it as a mole in their glorious career.  Whatever the concerned take on the Backlogs may be. Our first and only goal when we face a Backlog is to clear them as soon as possible. In this article let’s go through a tried and tested path that will definitely help you to kick the back of the backlog.

i) How and Why They Happen

Before going into our respective agenda, let’s look into why a backlog might occur. One of the most common mistakes that many people make while attempting an exam is not knowing what’s gonna come. Knowing the subject and syllabus for the particular exam is half battle won. Be at least cautioned about the main topics that have a high chance of appearing as questions. Not taking exams seriously is another reason why a backlog knocks on our door. As much as we want to have fun and as much as we want to make this time memorable, we often tend to exempt  exams from being part of college. When the time arrives these exams are what decides our future. So when it’s exams time let’s just be a little more concerned about them and try to perform well in them so that they won’t stop or meddle with our fun and memorable days of life.

ii) How to Process a Backlog

When you get to know that you have a Backlog, the first thing you need to keep in mind is that this is not the end of the world. Nothing is going to change, be calm and be sane. Don’t panic, Don’t overthink, Don’t make hasty decisions. Talk to your friends or be honest with your parents and explain to them your situation and assure them that you are going to clear your backlogs.  Your confidence is what gives them assurance. The best thing to do during these times is to contact a senior who might have gone through your situation or who might know other students who have gone through a similar phase of life. This will give you a positive vibe and give you the strength to face the challenge.

iii) Methods and Process

  1. Knowing Subjects and Syllabus.

          As said before, know the syllabus. Scout the important topics and start reading them at least one week before your supplementary exams. This gives you enough credence to face the exam. Try to divide the syllabus and make a list of questions or topics that have the most probability to appear in the exams.

  • Previous Question Papers

             Try to gain access to the previous question papers of supplementary exams. They might be available to you on your college website or you can contact your professors to get them. By going through these papers, you will have a good understanding of the way questions might be asked. The repeat value of certain questions and certain topics can be known by this. This will help you to prepare more cautiously for your examinations.

  • That One Friend Who is Perfect in That Subject

               At the risk of sounding cliché, I believe in every class we have that one student who is unarguably the best in a particular subject. If you have a backlog in that particular subject or you are having trouble in understanding a topic, it’s better to have a chat with that student and clear all your doubts in advance, this makes you more comfortable in writing the exam.

  • Confidence and Courage

                 Having a backlog will definitely bring down your spirit, but as I said above, this is not the end of the world. Time and again you will get the chances of clearing your backlogs. What matters is how well you are utilizing your opportunities for yourselves and getting rid of these backlogs. So, be courageous and gather your confidence to clear a backlog and start making your college life more fun, more memorable, and more cherishable

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