How to get your first job?

How to Get Your First Job ?

The ecstatic feeling of getting the first job is almost equal to climbing the Mount Everest. Every year hundreds of thousands of students achieve this feat. If you want to belong in that elite list of students, this article is for you.

Being patient and passionate about the work you are going to do is extremely important. That is the fuel that ignites your inner fire to meet all the requirements and qualifies you for the desired job.

Let us have a look at the essential tools one need’s to sculpt oneself for the playing field. Also, we shall discuss indispensable ideas that help you stand out and put you at the top of your game.

a) Recruitment process:

For any job, you need to know the entire placement process: how it starts, how it progresses and how it ends. By having this clarity, you walk through its phases with ease and confidence.

b) Balance academics and extra-curriculars:

Your academic performance has great significance in placements. Yet, do not be a bookworm. Participate well in activities beyond academics. The appreciation certificates you get through those participations boost your chances at placements.

c) Learning relevant skills:

Go beyond academic learnings at college and acquire industry-specific skill sets that make you more qualified than others who are competing for the same job. All your newly learned skills, projects, etc., will find their place in your resume which is the final indication of your academic merit and the ticket to get the attention of the interviewer.

d) Resume, the first impression:

 Check out the resumes of your seniors and take suggestions from the professionals for a more refined resume. A resume should look neat not only in terms of formatting but also in terms of content. Be precise and specific. The details you mention such as achievements, hobbies, internships, projects, etc., should reflect your candidature and should make the interviewer equally eager to be interviewing you for the job.

e) Weaknesses as important as strengths:

Knowledge is half the battle won. Self-awareness of one’s weakness and the steps you have initiated in correcting them help present your human avatar to the panel. Interviewers are well aware of the dearth of perfectionists and are happy recruiting ones who take steps in the right direction.

f) Research at length about the organization:

Information is available in plenty today. Being well-read about the company helps you reaffirm your want to be a part of it besides strengthening your chances of success at the job interview.

g) Other insights:

Every company has different methods to filter their candidates for the final interview. Some might do a written test and some might put a cut-off on your academic percentage. Not every company conducts group discussions. As mentioned before, familiarize yourself with the process that the company has adapted. For the final interview, you must pass through a panel to receive the joining letter. So get the requisite details about the company and the interview process.

As always, talk to your seniors and relatives with experience. This further equips you with the kind of questions you might face and prepare yourself accordingly.

Watch mock interviews of the students who actually got their first job in their first attempt. This will inspire you to be more poised and competent about the interview process.

You have to show your interest and your aspiration through better communication skills and body language.

By doing all these things, with grace and unmatchable charm you will definitely create a stir in the eyes of the panel and will definitely fulfil the appetite of getting your chosen first job.

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