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How to Ace Group Discussion in Placements

Group discussion is one the main processes through which the candidates are filtered  for the final round, i.e., interview. Group discussion allows the company to assess the candidates in different ways. In this article, we are going to know various ways in which you can ace a Group Discussion (GD).

College admIn a GD, candidates who have passed their written test are combined into a Group and are given a topic to discuss among themselves. This discussion is overseen by a designated company member. Through GD, the company evaluates candidates’ communication skills, managing skills, leadership skills, social behavior skills, etc. GD also brings various aspects of the candidate such as how well they can work in a group, how they react to opposite views, how clearly they can express their views, and how well they can handle themselves in various situations.

Things to keep in mind before GD

Having a good knowledge of the topic is indispensable. This can only be achieved if you follow news as well as current affairs regularly and are conversant with core subjects.

So, it is highly advisable to keep track of what’s happening around you both politically and culturally. Read newspapers, watch news, and always be updated on the issues of public interest.

For example, from the last two years due to the pandemic most topics were related to the Covid-19. Topics such as

  1. 1. How effectively India handled the virus and its effects?
  2. 2. Do we have enough resources to face further complications of the virus?
  3. 3. How can we rebuild our economy from the clutches of the virus?
  4. 4. How should we have tackled the migration crisis during Covid-19?

Make sure you have enough information on the topics which have a high chance of being your GD topic.

Further topics that can be a viable for GD

  1. 1. Online education vs offline education.
  2. 2. Work from home, its pros and cons.
  3. 3. Effect of online currency such as Crypto, Bitcoin.
  4. 4. Feminism and gender equality in work space.
  5. 5. Social media platforms and their effects on the young minds.

Tips to ace a Group discussion 

i) Be calm and poised, your confidence and demeanor will certainly make an impression. Groom yourself and present yourself with a good posture. These small details will always make a big difference.

ii) If you are well informed about the topic, then take the lead and start the discussion. This shows your confidence and also showcases your ability to lead a group.

iii) If you are not well informed on the topic, then don’t take the risk of initiating the conversation. Listen to what other candidates are saying and then present your views during the conversation.

iv) Deliver your thoughts/views/points clearly without any hesitation. The clarity of thoughts enhances your prospects of selection.  Maintain eye contact with everyone while you are speaking; this shows your assertiveness on the subject.

v) You should not only focus on speaking, but also listen to the other participants carefully. Pay attention to each and everyone who is present in the group so that you can collect your ideas through their conversations. Also, this will help you to summarize the main points of the GD better.

vi) When it comes to opposing the other candidate’s points, you should do it in the most respectable manner without showing any kind of aggression. You should use polite phrases to counter the other candidate’s point of view rather than lashing out.

You can use phrases like:

      “I respect your idea, but I agree to disagree with you because……….”

      “I can understand where your point is coming from, but in my perspective………”

      “I appreciate your thought process, but if I did like to add more to that thought…..”

       “That being said, in my own experience……”

Remember, everyone is entitled to have his/her opinion.

It is mostly recommended to listen to other candidates when they speak without intervening. But if you want to contribute in between, wait for pauses and you may use the below phrases to do so.

“I am really sorry, but I have to interrupt you…………….”

“Sorry to intervene, but I have to include the fact that……….”

“That’s a good point, but statistically………”

“Also, agreeing with you, I think……….”

“Adding to what my dear friend just said, ………”

vii) During the GD process, when it’s your time to speak, don’t beat around the bush. Start addressing the topic right from the beginning. Add real life examples to bring more depth to your points.

viii) While you’re putting out your ideas, make sure that they are under the radar of the given topic. You might have an excessive amount of information, but only those points should be mentioned which can give more substance to your explanation.

ix) Choose your vocabulary wisely. Even if you speak less, your choice of words will make an impact. It’s always quality over quantity.

x) The end of any GD happens by summarizing the whole discussion, which is also an important task for the candidates. While summarizing, you must keep all the participants and their views in your mind.

xi) Summary should reiterate every or at least the important points that have been mentioned during the discussion. It should be short and crisp. Include what you have learnt from the discussion and don’t be biased to any single opinion.

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