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Information is fodder for humanity. Right from the beginning of humankind, the shared information has what kept us going. Information you receive or share makes an impression on you; it shapes you; it designs an opinion; it creates something. Political, geological or any field of education has always seen information as a basis to its own development and development of the people. News and its circulation through various media has been the primary bridge between people and the world where every day, every hour, every minute something happens. We consume such information through various media. One such media is newspapers. The words that they use have a very large impact. So, in this article, we are going to learn some new vocabulary words from news articles.

  1. Articulate (Adjective)

Meaning: The ability of a person to express the views clearly or beautifully or fluently.

Sentence: Irshad Kamil is the most articulate lyricist of 21st century Hindi cinema.

  1. Controversy (Noun)

Meaning: A situation where people are in disagreement with one another or a group.

Sentence: Most controversies happen because of lack of public awareness.

  1. Constituency (Adjective)

Meaning: Area of land whose voters elect a representative

In Sentence: She won the constituency with a great majority.

  1. Chronicles (Verb)

Meaning: Serialized data on history or any event or a person

Sentence: Ramachandra Guha’s book chronicled the journey of India after Gandhi’s death.

  1. Condemn(Verb)

Meaning: Expressing your unacceptance towards something or someone

Sentence: The Prime Minister condemned the Pulwama attack.

  1. Perturbed (Adjective)

Meaning: A situation or position that makes one feels anxiety

Sentence: She was too perturbed to remember her dentist appointment.

  1. Continuation (Noun)

Meaning: Doing something for a long period

Sentence: Her continuation of efforts to resist enemies has won her a medal in military.

  1.  Amplify (Verb)

Meaning:  Increase the size or effect of something

           Sentence: She amplified her support to farmers by participating in protest.

  1. Claims (Verb)

Meaning: Expressing or stating something that may be true or false

           Sentence: His claim of being not guilty didn’t work in front of court.

  1. Ideology (Noun)

Meaning: A manner of thinking of an individual or a group

           Sentence: I really don’t believe in her ideology.

  1. Disclaimer (Noun)

Meaning: Specifying limits or boundaries

           Sentence: This disclaimer shows that the road ends after one kilometer.

  1. Critique (Noun)

Meaning: Being able to judge a piece of art or work

           Sentence: Baradwaj Rangan is one of the best critics India has ever had.

  1. Dubious (Adjective)

Meaning: Being doubtful, not trustworthy

           Sentence: Your dubious nature will someday make you realize the importance of trust.

  1. Ambassador (Noun)

Meaning: A person appointed to represent a nation or organization

           Sentence:  Kiren Bedi was selected as cultural ambassador to represent India in Japan in 2009.

  1. Linguistic (Adjective)

Meaning: A person whose achievements are related to a language and literature

          Sentence: The linguistic knowledge possessed by Dr. Shashi Tharoor is phenomenal

  1. Geopolitical (Adjective)

Meaning: The interrelation of politics with geography of particular land and vice versa.

           Sentence: The geopolitical situation of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka has led to a lot of collateral damage on both sides.

  1. Diplomacy (Noun)

Meaning: Influencing people or organizations through a series of conversations or through meeting.

           Sentence:  With amazing diplomacy skills, our teacher has established a new club for us in school.

  1. Diaspora (Noun)

Meaning: Evacuation of people from their own land

           Sentence: The diaspora of Kashmiri pandits is a painful part of our history.

  1. Provocative (Adjective)

Meaning: Act making someone behave in an angry manner or excite someone.

           Sentence: Most of the discussions in Parliament are provocative.

  1. Emphasize (Verb)

Meaning: Giving special preference to something or someone

Sentence: Our English teacher has always emphasized on getting the grammar right.

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