Vocabulary words from movies

Interesting Vocabulary Words From Movies

Imagine: the surroundings around you are quiet; the barren land extends up to infinity and you’re driving on the road in a convertible car with music as your companion. Imagine you are away from the city in a farm with greenery all around and you are holding your favourite book. Imagine that it is drizzling as you make yourself comfortable in the porch with a nice cup of coffee with hot smoke emerging from the top of the cup and you are glued to the lines in the book; your fingers are caressing each word. You can feel the emotion that the author has put into those lines. Cool wind touches your body. You put your book away and step out from the farm to watch the sunset. Steadily the night falls, when the full moon makes its appearance and you are just delighted to be there. This is how I felt when I first watched a movie called “Before Sunrise”. I can go on and on talking about this movie. Perhaps I can write a whole article about it. The movie is like a beautiful novel that just came alive in front of us. The characters are relatable: shy, timid, and romantic. Those conversations between the characters have a natural ability to make you emotional.   As I said, I can talk about it for hours and write pages about it. Perhaps that’s for another time. But in this article, we are going to look at some fascinating vocabulary that’s been used in the movie.

Before Sunrise

        “Before Sunrise” is a romantic drama which is written and directed by Richard linklater. It was released in 1995. The movie received great appreciation for its writing and acting. The kind of conversations in the movie and its ability to make the characters feel vulnerable and lovable at the same time has received myriad of compliments. The dialogues seem so natural and unpretentious that it almost feels like they were unscripted. The words used by the characters sound musical. We’re going to look at some of those words and find their meanings and try to incorporate them in our lives.

1. Mundane (Noun)

Meaning: A routine or work which is boring

Sentence: A good movie can help you feel relaxed in this mundane time.

2.Fascinating (Adjective)

Meaning: Something or someone who makes you feel interested and invested

Sentence: Alchemist is such a fascinating book to read.

3.Parallel lives (Noun)

Meaning: People who live side by side with each other in house or across the street

Sentence:  I always love a neighborhood which has a good parallel lives establishment.

4.Nerdy (Adjective)

Meaning: A person who is interested in things like sci-fi, comics and fantasy elements

Sentence: There is always a nerdy side to everyone in this world.

5.Perspective (Noun)

Meaning: A personal way of looking at things or surroundings or any issues

Sentence: In my perspective, there is no harm in asking people for help.

6.Unappeased (Adjective)

Meaning: Not being satisfied with a specific thing or whole thing

Sentence: The decoration made her feel unappeased.

7.Paranoid (Adjective)

Meaning: The extensive feeling of fear, anxiety, and nervousness

Sentence: The whole extensive and exhausting enquiry made him a paranoid.

8.Clumsy (Adjective):

Meaning: Being awkward and careless in handling things

Sentence: She is clumsy and that’s what actually attracted me to her.

9.Rapturous (Adjective)

Meaning: Being in a very energized mood

Sentence:  Her rapturous vibe spreads around to everyone who is with her.

10.Profound (Adjective)

Meaning: A great  intellectual point of view or a respectable take on something or good work

Sentence: Her profound way of addressing political issues always made her an amazing leader.

11.Compassionate (Adjective)

Meaning: Being sympathetic to someone or helping someone in their emotional turmoil

Sentence: John is such a compassionate person. No doubt he wanted to become a doctor.

12.Detached (Adjective)

Meaning: Not being connected or not able to comprehend emotions or feelings

Sentence: Sometimes I feel detached and then I try to pull together all my senses and come back to real life.

13. Pretensions (Noun)

Meaning: Belief or claim that one can succeed

Sentence: He has pretension for higher grades.

14. Rebel (Noun)

Meaning: A person of opposing Government or authority

Sentence: Most people are afraid of her because she is a Rebel.

15.Condescending (Adjective)

Meaning: Implying that you are superior to someone

Sentence: If you want to become a good leader you should not be condescending to anyone.

16.Transitory (Adjective)

Meaning: Existing only for a small duration of time

Sentence: My transitory stay in Manali was awe-inspiring and beautiful.

17. Maneuvering (Verb)

Meaning: Being able to move in a very skilled manne

Sentence: She maneuvered through all that traffic and made me reach the bus station in time.

18. Folksy (Adjective)

Meaning: Having an interest in cultural and traditional history

Sentence: The design has a very folksy vibe to it.

19. Fascism (Noun)

Meaning: A capitalistic political ideology of a government headed by a dictatorship

Sentence: Even in the 21st century, some countries are still under the regime of fascism.

20. Reincarnation (Noun)

Meaning: A religious belief of the return of the lost soul of a person when he is reborn

Sentence: Stories about reincarnation are always interesting to listen to.

Bonus word:

Provenance (Noun)

Meaning: The place of origin of something

Sentence: People still don’t know about the provenance of this popular painting.

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