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Most Commonly Mispronounced English Words in India (PART 3)

Welcome to the part-3 of our ongoing series of the most commonly mispronounced English words in India.

21. Coupon

Mispronounced as koo-pun

Correct Pronunciation: ‘koo-pon

22. Chandelier

Mispronounced as chan-du-‘leer

Correct Pronunciation: Shan-du-‘leer

23. Chef

Mispronounced as chef

Correct Pronunciation: shef

24. Competitive

Mispronounced as kom-pi-ti-tiv

Correct Pronunciation: kum-‘pe-ti-tiv

25. Comedian

Mispronounced as ko-me-dee-un

Correct Pronunciation: ku-‘mee-dee-un

26. Comment

Mispronounced as ku-ment

Correct Pronunciation: ‘ko-ment

27. Grand Prix

Mispronounced as grand-priks

Correct Pronunciation: gron-pree

28. Plumber

Mispronounced as plum-bur

Correct Pronunciation: plu-muh

29. Repetitive

Mispronounced as  ri-pi-ti-tiv

Correct Pronunciation: ri-‘pe-ti-tive

30. Vineyard

Mispronounced as wine-yaad

Correct Pronunciation: ‘vin-yaad

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