Do You Feel Alive?

Do you feel alive? This is the most important question that you should ask yourself every now and then. Just close your eyes take a deep breath and try to answer this question.

Do you feel alive?

You may wonder why I am asking such a stupid question. It’s alright; in the end, I will again ask this question and then you will want to answer.

I’m a typical twenty-one-year-old guy with many thoughts and questions wandering in my mind. One popular question that everyone in the world has tried to figure out but has failed is: ‘What is LIFE?’  We were often told that there must be a goal in our life and when we achieve it, our life gets fulfilled. We set multiple goals such as professional goals, financial goals, personal goals, and so on. Interestingly, as human beings our thoughts never match often, but our goals do. 70% to 80% of us have similar goals. Are they really our goals?

Most of us don’t know what we are doing and why we are doing any particular thing in our life. We become compulsive; we just do things because everyone is doing them. In the end, we will have regrets instead of rejoice. We should set our goals in a way that the journey of reaching them is joyful. The end of everyone’s life is death, we’re just moving towards our death day by day and from this, it’s evident that our life is not meant for the end point but for the process or the journey toward that. We’re just tenants here and we might be on a vacation. So, take a chill-pill and relax!

Now, let’s breakdown our journey and analyze whether we’re alive or not. Our compulsiveness starts right from our education. We study because we have to pass the examination, we go to a university to get a job, and we work to earn money. However, clearing exams will fetch us nothing unless we have knowledge of the subject. Remember, if you can’t enjoy learning a subject and it doesn’t excite you, then it’s not meant for you. Leave it. Getting degrees after your name will be a burden if you don’t love the subject. Learn what you love and love what you learn. Pursue knowledge continuously and improve your skill in something that makes you feel like you can spend your entire life doing it. If you’re just doing a job to earn money, then you’re messed up. Money is one of the most powerful tools in our lives, no doubt about that, but our job needs not to be money-oriented. You can’t become rich by doing a 9 to 5 job and you can’t spend your life doing something you don’t like. You should never depend on one income source; instead, you should have multiple sources of income. Also, you should save money and invest it to beat inflation. Earn money to meet your desires.  For example, if you want to go to a Europe trip, then save accordingly, invest wisely, and let the money grow. When you have got enough amount, take it and fly away. Earn money at your own pace, don’t take stress about it. Be conscious of the entire process. We don’t need excess.

The next important and beautiful thing in our life is love. It’s such a great feeling: loving someone and being loved; but we become compulsive in this aspect too. Everyone is getting into a relationship because it seems cool. I really don’t understand why these 3 words ‘I LOVE YOU’ which express a deep emotion are being used lightly. People use these words to propose someone and surprisingly, the other person accepts. Love is definitely a feeling which tickles our soul and is bliss. Love is unconditional; but a relation stands on other factors as well, for instance, respect, compatibility, and individuality. Enjoy ecstatic feelings instead of creating a chaos by trying to attach a name to it. Don’t be compulsive in choosing someone. Spend your life with someone who makes your life easy and smooth.

We just have this moment, so let us not spend it compulsively like a digital zombie spending entire life switching among three apps on the phone. Be conscious and before doing something, think, for a while, whether it’s worth doing or not. Do it or forget about it; just don’t postpone your life. Plan your life like an artist. Write at least 50 dreams and try to achieve them, even if you miss a few, you’ll spend your entire life doing something YOU dreamt for. It feels so alive when a singer parts his lips and sings from the heart. It feels awesome standing in front of waterfalls opening your jaw in amaze. Personally, I feel alive when I write, cook something concertedly, and spend time with my loved ones.

We often think that we are responsible for many others. No. You are just responsible for yourself. Therefore, make your journey worthwhile and always be happy. Be conscious in every moment and enjoy this process of life.

Now tell me, do you feel alive?


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Akhil recently graduated with a B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering. He is a budding writer who loves writing poems, short stories, and articles.  He loves listening to music and cooking. You can reach Akhil on his Instagram @akhil

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