Common Grammar Mistakes-1

In this and the next post, we are going to look at some common grammar mistakes. Many of us make these mistakes not only in spoken English but also in written English. Let’s get rid 0f these errors!

  1. Incorrect: One of my friend is here.

Correct: One of my friends is here.

Explanation: Here, the correct format is “one out of many”, so “friends” is the right answer.

  1. Some people, when talking about daily habits, say, “I used to play badminton every Saturday.” (Incorrect)

Correct: I play badminton every Saturday.

Explanation: ‘Used to’ is for past habits that are not in practice anymore. For daily activities or hobbies in the present, we use simple present tense.

  1. I often hear people saying, “I can’t able to come,” which is incorrect.

Correct: I can’t come OR I’m unable to come.

Explanation: Both ‘can’ and ‘able to’ express ability but should not be used together.

  1. Incorrect: Myself Pradeep. I work at IBM.

Correct: I am Pradeep. I work at IBM.

Explanation: ‘Myself’ is a reflexive pronoun and should not be used as a subject in the beginning of a sentence.

  1. Incorrect: Mom and me are best friends forever.

Correct: Mom and I are best friends forever.

Explanation: In the beginning of a sentence, we use subjective case of pronoun. “Me” is objective case of pronoun and should only come after verb in a sentence.


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