Word of the day: Cessation

Pronunciation: se’sey-shun

Meaning: To put an end to something

1. Recently many smoking cessation centers are being set up to help people quit smoking.
2. The Chinese representative in the United Security Council urged to help Libya in the cessation of conflict

Trendy word of the day: Contortionist

Pronunciation: kun’tor-shu-nist

Meaning: Someone (an entertainer) who can twist his body in unusual and strange positions

1. Dubbed the most flexible woman in China, Liu Teng is a contortionist who
bends out of shape for a living.
2. Liu Teng has shown the world that denim is flexible and comfortable enough to be worn even by a contortionist.
3. A world famous Russian contortionist Aleksei Goloborodko who performs in Cirque du Soleil says what he does is like yoga and it is very calming.

Word of the day: Condemn

Pronunciation: kun’dem

Meaning: Strongly criticize or disapprove

1. Both the Congress and Pakistan had condemned the Modi government’s decision to revoke the article 370 for different reasons.
2. FIFA condemns the racism in football, says the FIFA president Gianni Infantino.

Trendy word of the day: Copious

Pronunciation: kow-pee-us

Meaning: in more than enough quantity, abundance

1. Many startups spend copious amounts of time trying to build their company name around their product.
2. She took copious notes during the lectures.

Trendy word of the day: Contagious

Pronunciation: kuntey-jus

Meaning: Easily spread from one person to another, infectious

1. Happiness is contagious. So smile more often.
A new study finds that when one person becomes happy, the effect can spread up to 3 degrees in a social network.
2. Ria was suffering from a contagious disease, so she had to take a leave of absence from school for a month.

Trendy word of the day: Clingy

Pronunciation: kling-ee

Meaning: 1. used to describe something that sticks onto someone or something tightly, skintight

2. too emotionally dependent

1. Children become more clingy when they are sick
2. Dave broke up with her girlfriend because her clinginess made him uncomfortable.
3. Kim Kardashian flaunted her curves in clingy snakeskin dress at People’s Choice Awards.

Trendy word of the day: Congenial

Pronunciation: kunjee-nee-ul

Meaning: pleasant and friendly.

1. Breakfast at our home is usually quiet and congenial with a smattering of jokes.
2. Reema’s congenial presence made everyone in the room happy.
3. Jonas moved to a place more congenial to his restless soul.

Trendy word of the day: Conspicuous

Pronunciation: kun’spik-yoo-us

Meaning: clearly visible, attracting attention due to a striking quality

1. The conspicuous consumption of limited edition products in Korea is contagious.
2. Ryan was conspicuous with his yellow hat.
3. Her conspicuous bravery was recognized and rewarded by the state government.

Trendy word of the day: Charlatan

Pronunciation: Shaahr-luh-tun

Meaning: a person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill

1. Some criticised Priyanka Chopra and called her a charlatan when she launched her first music video in US.
2. There are many charlatans in the real estate sector.
3. Riya told her mom that the doctor was a charlatan and a fraud.

Word of the day: Clumsy

Pronunciation: Klum zee

Meaning: Awkward in movement or handling things, a person who gets in to accidents for not being careful enough

1. I am clumsy. I trip over my own foot.
2. The way Jennifer handled the client was quite clumsy but somehow she managed to secure the deal.

Phrase of the day: Couch potato

Pronunciation: Kawch pu-tey-tow

Use: informal

Meaning: someone who is lazy, inactive and spends a lot of time watching TV (lazy people)

1. He is such a couch potato; he won’t move from his seat at all and wants everything brought to him in his cabin.
2. If you don’t want to be obese, quit being a couch potato and do some exercise.


Pronunciation: krinj

Meaning: 1. to move back due to fear or pain
2. To feel embarrassed
3. To show distaste

1. I cringed when the nurse pricked me with a needle to draw the blood.
2. Martha cringed when she saw her brother eating voraciously.
3. Woo Jin cringed when his sister tried to act all cute.

Synonym: wince, shrink
Antonym: approach, confront