Meaning: skillful, clever, quick

1.With her deft fingers, Martha played the harp and enchanted the audience with her sweet music.
2. Ridhima’s deft responses to the journalists impressed everyone during the press conference.
3. All I need to make my weekend luxurious is a deft masseuse and an entertaining novel.


Meaning: a spirit that looks exactly like a living person, or someone who looks exactly like someone else but who is not related to that person

1.It can be scary to see one’s doppelganger.
2. Shahrukh Khan’s doppelganger got a rare opportunity to appear in a promotional event of Shahrukh’s movie FAN.


Pronunciation: di’spi-ku-bul

Meaning: deserving to be hated and strongly disliked

1. Poachers should be strongly punished for despicable wildlife crimes.
2. His behaviour was despicable


Meaning: To defeat badly, especially in sports competition

1. PV Sindhu drubbed world no. 5 Nozomi Okuhara of Japan in the BWF world championship and was crowned the first Indian world champion.
2. Nozomi received a serious drubbing (21-7, 21-7) at the hands of PV Sindhu.


Pronunciation: di’test

Meaning: strong dislike

1. I detest them as much as you do.
2. Rima detests animal cruelty.
3. Shenaz detests smoking.

Double entendre

Pronunciation: doob-ul-ón-tónd-ru

Meaning: a word or phrase open to two interpretations

The song’s title is a double entendre.


Pronunciation: di’lek-tu-bul

Meaning: looking or tasting extremely good, giving great pleasure

1. Ohri’s delectable Sizzling brownie is our forever favorite dessert.
2. Alia Bhatt was delectable in her role as Sehmat in the blockbuster movie Raazi.


Pronunciation: Dój

Meaning: Avoid someone or something by quick movement

1. My mom tactfully dodged the question when I asked her, “Whom do you love more, my brother or me?”
2. Ritvik tried to punch me, but I easily dodged that.
3.Akshay dodged the paparazzi by disguising himself as a pizza delivery boy and escaped on a bike.


Pronunciation: du- ‘bi- lu- tey- ting

Meaning: to make someone or something physically weak

1. Get rid of beliefs that give rise to debilitating negative emotions.
2. Any kind of stress debilitates one’s health.

Deal Breaker

Meaning: something that causes someone to reject or break the deal

Sentence: “I can accept anything but infidelity is a deal breaker for me in a relationship,” Deepika said upon breaking up with Ranbir Kapoor.