Pronunciation: ear- ee

Meaning: Strange and frightening

1. Just the thought of dark eerie forests sends chills down my spine.
2. Whenever I hear strange eerie sounds in the night, I start reciting Hanuman Chalisa. 


Pronunciation: ‘EryudIt

Meaning: having or showing great knowledge

1. Harvard’s erudite professors and scholars consistently ensure the quality that lives up to the name of the University.
2. Atal Bihari Vajpayee was regarded as an erudite politician.

Empty nesters

Meaning: parents whose children have grown up and moved out

1. Although empty nesters may feel lonely, they can turn it into an opportunity to reinvent their life.
2. Karen loves spending time with the empty nesters in her neighborhood, she also helps them in downsizing and organising stuff at their homes.

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Pronunciation: ig-zas-er-beyt

1. to irritate someone
2. to increase the severity of (disease, ill feeling ); aggravate.

1. The proposed factory shutdown would only exacerbate our unemployment problems.
2. While modern life may exacerbate depression, it may also give us the tools to treat it
3. He wanted desperately to put his arms around her but knew he’d just exacerbate the situation.

Synonyms: aggravate, worsen, provoke
Antonym: ameliorate, pacify, relieve