Word of the day: Flustered

Meaning: upset and confused

1. The interviewer asked me a question. I was flustered and could not respond.
2. Rina seemed flustered. The boss might have given her too many tasks.

Word of the day: Fragile

Pronunciation: Fra-Jul (USA)
Fra-JI-ul (UK)

Meaning: Vulnerable/delicate, easily broken or damaged

1. Handle the vase with care, it’s fragile.
2. Don’t scold her; she is fragile amd might start crying

Trendy word of the day: Flimsy

Pronunciation: flim-zee

Meaning: 1. weak, not effective
2. thin, lacking strength or easily destroyed

1. The Thugs of Hindustan was a movie with flimsy plot.
2. The building did not even last 10 years due to its flimsy construction.
3. He went out with a flimsy excuse of buying beer, but his wife knew he was going to meet his girlfriend.
4. Paper napkins are flimsy.

Trendy word of the day: Fiery
Pronunciation: Fire-ee

Meaning: 1. red like fire 2. Burning like fire 3. easily made angry 4. passionate, having strong feeling

1. Some studies believe that eating fiery food moderately is good for health.
2. David is afraid that his sins will take him to fiery pit (hell).
3. His fiery temper irritates everyone around him.
4. Modi’s fiery speech resonated with everyone in the crowd.

Trendy word of the day: Famished

Pronunciation: fa-misht

Meaning: very hungry

1. I am famished. I could not eat all day due to the meetings.
2. I am famished. Is the dinner ready?

Trendy word of the day: Falter

Pronunciation: fol-tu

Meaning: 1. stumble 2. stammer 3. Weaken or lose strength

1. Radhika faltered and fell on her knees.
2. Her voice faltered when she was questioned by the police.
3. Although Riya has seen many ups and downs, her faith in God has never faltered.

Trendy word of the day: Filial

Pronunciation: fi-lee-ul

Meaning: You can use filial to describe the duties, feelings, or relationships which exist between a son or daughter and his or her parents.

1. Shravan was a filial son who took his parents on vacation.
2. Rama never shirked away from his filial duties.

Trendy word of the day: Frenzy

Pronunciation: fren-zee

Meaning: uncontrolled and excited behaviour or emotion that is sometimes violent, temporary madness

1. The news that Pawan Kalyan will star in the Telugu remake of Bollywood’s “Pink” has started a Twitter frenzy.
2. Virat Kohli’s ‘Tiger Act’ sends social media in frenzy.

Word of the day : Flabbergasted

Pronunciation: ‘fla-bu-gaas-tid

Meaning: extremely surprised,

Sentence : I was flabbergasted to see Revanth coming office in his old school uniform.

Trendy word of the day: Feisty
Usage: informal

Pronunciation: fy-stee

Meaning: strong, determined, quarrelsome

1. Rebecca gets feisty if anyone says anything bad about her country.
2. The feisty old lady is a role model to many in her neighbourhood. Despite being alone, she still lives independently, managing her own business.
3. Kailer Yamamoto is very feisty and hard to play against.

Trendy word of the day: Fanatic

Pronunciation: fu’na-tik

Meaning: Extreme enthusiasm or devotion for something

1. The Bollywood star Salman Khan is a gym fanatic. Many people are inspired by his fitness mantra.

2. James grew up as a Marvel fanatic, every movie of Spider Man left a deep impact on him.

3. Apoorva is fanatic about her morning black coffee and doesn’t skip it even for a single day.

Synonym: aficionado, addict, extremist
Antonym: non-revolutionary, non-militant, moderate

Trendy word of the day: Formidable

Pronunciation: for-mi-du-bul

Meaning: Someone or something which is strong, powerful, or difficult to deal with, inspiring awe/ fear/ respect

1. Reliance Jio has become a formidable competitor to the mobile network operators in India.

2. Rafael Nadal is a formidable opponent to any tennis player in the clay court.

Synonym: dreadful, fearful, challenging
Antonym: comforting, acheivable

Word of the day: façade

Pronunciation: fu-saad

Meaning: the front of a building, or the fake outward appearance of a being

1. The façade of the Taj Mahal is made of ivory white marble
2. She hid her anger behind her friendly façade.
3. They need to maintain the façade of politeness to seal the deal.