Pronunciation: Glowb-trotu

Meaning: Someone who often travels in different parts of the world

1. Riya chose to be an air hostess because she wanted to explore the world; she is a globetrotter.
2. After the realization ‘life is short’ hit me, I decided to become a globetrotter.


Meaning: breaking up without any explanation. (suddenly stop communicating with someone)

1. The people with trust issues are likely to use ghosting to initiate break ups.
2. Sam believes that ghosting is a form of emotional cruelty and a dating habit that is reserved only for a casual fling.
3. I think I have been ghosted. I have not seen Revanth for 10 days. He is not even replying to my texts or answering my calls.

Goof up

Meaning: a stupid mistake

1. Raina was appearing in a TV show for the first time and she was afraid that she would goof up big time.
2. Unless you do some major goof ups, no one is going to bother. They will enjoy the show.


Meaning: To trick/manipulate someone by making him doubt his own memory and perceptions

1. Gaslighting is a horrible form of emotional abuse that has caused couples to fall apart.
2. James accused Gina for gaslighting him and making him feel like he was nothing.

Gordian Knot

Pronunciation: gor-dee-un nót

Meaning: an extremely difficult or complex problem

1. Yes bank finds itself tied in a financial Gordian knot, and its share prices keep falling.
2. The issue of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) seems like a Gordian knot.
3. Understanding of self is like untangling the Gordian knot.
4. Sometimes the conflict between a father and a son may seem like a Gordian knot, but it can be untied with some love and understanding on both sides.

Synonym: Conundrum, a tough nut to crack, enigma
Antonym: Answer, solution

Ghost writer

Meaning: A ghostwriter is hired to write literary or journalistic works, speeches, or other texts that are officially credited to another person as the author.

Sentence: Many celebrities look for ghostwriters to write their speeches.