Pronunciation: ‘in, treeg

Meaning: 1. Arouse the curiosity, fascinate
2. To plot something harmful, conspiracy

1. I was intrigued by the magician’s tricks.
2. The royal palaces used to be the nests of political intrigue.


Pronunciation: Im-buseel

Usage: informal

Meaning: Fool/idiot, having a mental age of 3 to 7 years.

1. An imbecile like him can’t run the company.
2. “I won’t date such an imbecile guy!” Sarah yelled in frustration.


Pronunciation: im’byoo

Meaning: to fill something or someone with a particular feeling, quality, or idea

1. The trident was imbued with the power to command the sea.
2. His stories are imbued with a sense of calm and serenity.


Pronunciation: im ‘pó stu

Meaning: a person who pretends to be someone else in order to deceive others, fake

1.Riya filed complaint against an imposter who hacked her instagram account and sent obscene texts to people while pretending to be Riya.
2. Imposter Syndrome – feelings of inadequacy despite achieving success – is determined to be a silent career killer.
3. If you think that you are not worthy of the opportunities and job you got, and that you are less qualified than others even when you are chosen as the best employee of the month, you still feel like an imposter. This is called imposter syndrome.


Pronunciation: in’seyn

Meaning: very foolish, seriously mentally ill, extremely unreasonable

1.I think he has gone insane.
2. It was his insanity to not accept such a good job opportunity.
3. She seemed insanely in love.

Synonym: Crazy, lunatic, foolish, witless
Antonym: Sane, reasonable, wise


Pronunciation: in’see-dee-us

Meaning: gradually and secretly causing harm

1. Many insidious forces within our country are destroying its values of equality and secularism.
2. Thyroid is an insidious disease just like diabetes.
3. Fear is an insidious weapon which can destroy creativity and dreams.

Synonym: deceitful
Antonym: Frank, candid, illuminating


Pronunciation: inók-yoo-us

Meaning: absolutely harmless

1. His anger is innocuous. Don’t worry he’ll come around.
2. Love is innocuous until it becomes an obsession
3. Her innocuous threats fell on deaf ears.

Synonym: harmless, innocent, inoffensive
Antonym: lethal, offensive, deadly, dangerous, fatal