Trendy word of the day: Millennial

Pronunciation: mil’le-nee-ul

Meaning: People born in the 1980s, 1990s, or early 2000s (between 1981 and 1996)

1. Are millennials addicted to social media?
2. Majority of millennials don’t save much for their retirement.

Trendy word of the day: Moonlighting

Meaning: have a second job, in addition to the main job, usually at night, secretly without telling your employer

1. To meet the expenses and earn extra income, Sarah started moonlighting as a business consultant.
2. David is moonlighting as an event organiser to test the waters before he makes it his full time job.

Magnum Opus

Meaning: a masterpiece/the greatest achievement of an artist or writer.

Sentence: Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy , an upcoming Indian Telugu-language biographical epic action film, is being regarded as Chiranjeevi’s magnum opus and is one of the most awaited films this year.


Meaning: causing immense embarrassment, or shame

1. Jane was mortified when her brother exposed her lies in front of her friends.
2. Mr. Bansal was mortified when his wig blew off in the wind.

Synonym: humiliate, horrify, flustered
Antonym: comforted, encouraged


Usage: verb, US

Pronunciation: mug

Meaning: to attack someone to steal

Nisha was mugged in the metro. Fortunately, the police caught the mugger.

Synonym: attack, steal


Pronunciation: mur-kyoor-ee-ul

Meaning: rapid or unexpected change, intelligent and lively

Sentence: 1. Farmers often have to cope with rain’s mercurial nature.
2. Riya’s mercurial personality makes her mom worried.
3. I met the mercurial actor Ranveer Singh.

Synonym: volatile, capricious, fickle
Antonym: constant, stable


Pronunciation: myooz

Meaning: source of an artist’s inspiration, to think about something carefully for a long time

1. David regards nature as his muse. Most of his stories are about environment.
2. She mused about applying for an MBA program.
3. The scientists mused on possible source of coronavirus.

Synonym: ponder, contemplate
Antonym: thoughtlessness, stir