Trendy word of the day: Nonagenarian

Pronunciation: nó-nu-ju ‘neh-ree-un

Meaning: a person who is between 90 and 99 years old

1. P.M Modi recently met his nonagenarian mother Hiraba in Raysan village.
2. Ajay’s nonagenarian mother still works at her bakery and is one of the happiest souls I have met.


Pronunciation: naa-si-sist

Meaning: too much interest in or admiration for yourself

1. The narcissists think that they are the sun and the world only revolves around them.
2. It is better to stay away from narcissists because they can be toxic for your mental health.


Pronunciation: nó-stal-jik

Meaning: Feeling happy and slightly sad about things in the past

1. Walking through the lanes of memories of my childhood made me feel nostalgic.
2. A feeling of nostalgia filled me when I thought about my alma-mater.
3. Many people feel nostalgic about the old programmes like Chitrahaar, an old Doordarshan TV show.


Pronunciation: ‘nit,pik

Meaning: to find faults, pay attention to insignificant details

1. I asked my mom to stop nitpicking when she pointed out all the areas which were unclean in my room.
2. My teacher seemed to be nitpicking when he shifted his attention to my handwriting from my improved performance in the test.

Synonym: fussy, fastidious,criticize
Antonym: applaud, compliment, support