Word of the day: Obscene

Pronunciation: ob-‘seen

Meaning: offensive to morality or decency; indecent; disgusting

1. The eminent painter late M. F. Hussain, referred as the “Picasso of India” by the Forbes magazine, was condemned on many occasions for his allegedly obscene paintings.
2. The popular rapper Honey Singh has been booked for obscene lyrics in his latest song ‘Makhna’.

Word of the day: Onus

Meaning: difficult responsibility , Obligation, burden

1. The onus is on the government departments to provide information asked under RTI.

2. It is not right to put all the onus on the government for pollution

Trendy word of the day: Outrageous

Pronunciation: awt-rey-jus

Meaning: 1.Shockingly bad
2. Exceeding bounds of reason or moderation, bold and unusual

1. Acid attack is an outrageous form of violence.
2. Some found Madonna’s outfit during Met gala outrageous.
3. Some people find new traffic fines
4. The former Manchester city star Michael Brown believes that Sergio Aguero is an outrageous talent. Aguero is one of the best strikers and Manchester City’s all time highest goal scorer.

Trendy phrase of the day: Off the hook

Usage: informal

Meaning: no longer in trouble
As slang: enjoyable, appealing

1. Steve’s boss let him off the hook one last time for sleeping during presentation.
2. A casual selfie with Selena Gomez got my instagram account off the hook.
3. Maroon 5’s new song is really off the hook.