Trendy word of the day: Pep talk

Pronunciation: pep-tok

Meaning: a short speech intended to encourage

1. A kid gave his mom the ultimate motivational pep talk “You can be rich, you could even live in the White House someday,” he said.
2. I thought he would need a pep talk after his breakup, but I was pleasantly surprised to see him coming out of it on his own.
3. I gave myself a pep talk in the mirror.


Pronunciation: Paru-noyd

Meaning: A person who has an extreme and unreasonable feeling that other people do not like him/her or are going to harm or criticize him/her

1.Brandon, the founder of a famous US company, Deciem, often felt that somebody was trying to kill him. Everyone thought he was just being Paranoid. Eventually he died mysteriously.

2. Nitya often feels paranoid about her relationship with Anil. She keeps asking for assurance that he would marry her.


Pronunciation: poyn-yunt

Meaning: causing sharp feeling of sadness, severely painful, deeply moving

1. The poignant documentary on child labour made me cry.
2. The movie awakened the poignant memories of happy childhood.


Pronunciation: ‘pe-tri-kor

Meaning: the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil

1. My sister loves petrichor, the scent of rain.
2. The petrichor scent is very pleasant and appealing.


Pronunciation: pa-tru’nIz

Meaning: 1. To speak or behave towards someone as if they are stupid and not important (to act superior)
2. To frequently visit as a customer

1. Don’t patronize me. I know what I’m doing.
2. Abhay felt that he was often patronized by his tutors.
3. Don’t patronize businesses that don’t support women’s rights.


Meaning: someone who is easily persuaded or influenced

Sentence: 1. Jazz is no pushover. She knows how to stand firm on her stand.
2. Since Kiara is desperate to get a full time job with the advertising company, she does everything everyone tells her from bringing coffee to xerox. Everyone thinks she is a pushover.


Pronunciation: plo-zu-bul

Meaning: believable, convincing

1. The movie review is quite plausible; I think we should watch the movie.
2. Nick came up with a plausible excuse to leave office early.


Pronunciation: fow-tow-bóm

Meaning: Spoil a photograph by unexpectedly appearing in the photo’s frame

1. I wanted a solo picture with Priyanka Chopra, but my cousin photobombed us.
2. I could not take a good selfie with The Taj Mahal, as many tourists kept interrupting and photobombed me.
3. “Dude, can you move away? You are photobombing us.” 


Pronunciation: pal-pu-bul

Meaning: So strong or obvious that can be seen or touched

1. There is a palpable excitement in the city during one of its most loved festival: Vinayka Chaturthi.
2. Ryan made palpable efforts to comfort her grieving sister.
3. Sumit Paul has described the novel ‘Ninth House’ as a palpable mystery with a cliff-hanger.

Synonym: detectable, tangible, visible
Antonym: intangible, inconspicuous


Pronunciation: pòn-du

Meaning: meditate or think carefully about something for a noticeable length of time

After coming home, Anil pondered his performance in the interview.

Pipe dream

Meaning: fantastic but impossible or unrealistic dream

1. When I said I would become an entrepreneur, it seemed like a pipe dream to my parents, but I knew I had potential.
2. Living a life like Cindrella is nothing less than a pipe dream. But who knows?

Pull a rabbit out of the hat

Meaning: To do something surprising and seemingly impossible

Sentence: Everyone thought mission Mars was impossible for India, but our elite team of scientists pulled a rabbit out of the hat and made India the first country to reach Mars in its first attempt

Pen Pal

Meaning: Pen Pals are usually strangers who write to each other especially via postal mail.

1. Many websites help you find pen pals from all over the world to make new friends.
2. Since I wanted to learn English, I found myself a pen pal from England.


Pronunciation: pólee-glót

Meaning: A person who knows and uses more than one language.

1. Due to the regional and linguistic diversity in India, majority of the students and professionals are polyglots.
2. Are you a polyglot?

Pro bono

Pronunciation: prow ‘bow-now

Meaning: done for public good without money

1. Bhaskar doesn’t take pro bono cases. He only accepts cases which make him a lot of money.
2. Ridhi does a lot of activities which are pro bono because she feels happy.


Pronunciation: pa-pu-‘rat-si

Meaning: a freelance photographer who follows high profile people to take pictures and sell to a magazine/newspaper

1. Paparazzi hounded Taylor Swift after her show.
2. Taimur Khan is always followed by paparazzi wherever he goes.

Put your foot in your mouth

Meaning: To say or do something wrong which is offensive or embarrassing, to make matters worse

1. Jane put her foot in her mouth when she asked her boss about the wig he was wearing.
2. Ryan was scolded by his mom for always putting his foot in his mouth.


Pronunciation: pripó-stu-rus

Meaning: Silly, contrary to reason, making little or no sense

1. When Andrew told that he got late for the class because he could not find his socks, the tutor glared at him for giving such preposterous excuse.
2. When Ridhi suggested to her friends that they should all jump in the cold water of Han river in the chilly winter, everyone scoffed at her preposterous idea.