Trendy word of the day: Retort

Pronunciation: ri’tort

Meaning: To reply in a clever, witty or angry way

1. In an Australian news debate when people said, “You (India) missed the bus for industrial revolution,” Shashi Tharoor RETORTED, “We missed the bus because you (the British) threw us under its wheels.”

2. When my aunt said, “A girl is nothing without marriage; you will die a lonely death,” out of respect for the elderly, I suppressed the urge to retort. Aum Shanti.

Trendy word of the day: Recuperate

Pronunciation: Ri’koo-pu reyt

Meaning: recover or regain

1. Sheena took a sick leave to recuperate.
2. His shoulder injury is serious; it will take a month for him to recuperate
3. Stock market is not doing well, but the share prices will recuperate soon

Word of the day: Rudderless

Pronunciation: ru-du-lus

Meaning: aimless, purposeless, not having strong leader to follow

1. Due to lack of career counseling, the majority of youth today is rudderless.
2. The congress continues to suffer due to rudderless leadership.