Word of the day: Scapegoat

Meaning: a person who is blamed for the wrongdoings, mistakes, or faults of others

1.Justin realized he was his boss’s scapegoat. Whenever his boss made a blunder, Justin took the responsibility of it.
2. The governor was made the scapegoat for the economy’s failure and was asked to resign.

Trendy word of the day: Soirée 

Origin: French

Pronunciation: Swaa-‘rey

Meaning: An evening party or gathering, typically in a private house, usually including musical entertainment

1. Karan Johar hosted a pre-concert soirée for Katy Perry and B town Celebrities.
2. Misha threw a holiday soirée for close friends.
3. Many VIPs were invited at the pre-wedding soirée of Mukesh Ambani’s niece.


Meaning: 1. wet and soft
2. lifeless and dull

1. It was a soggy Sunday and everyone waited for some sunshine.
2. The police found soggy cocaine on beach.
3. She spent her weekend while reading a soggy novel just to kill some time.

Word of the day: Space out

Meaning: To become inattentive, distracted, or confused

Usage: informal

Sentence: 1. Meera spaced out during the meeting. She had not slept for 2 two days straight.
2. I space out during class lectures, especially when they are halfway through.

Trendy word of the day: Sommelier

Pronunciation: su-‘me-lee-ey

Meaning: an expert in wines

1. Five star restaurants often employ a Sommelier to develop a list of wines for their customers.
2. The hotel only serves a wine that is approved by a wine Sommelier.


Pronunciation: smeer

Meaning: damage reputation, to spread oily/greasy substance
1. In China, smearing politicians or government officials is no less than a crime.
2. I smeared butter on the bread.
3. In Gujarat, smearing cake on someone’s face or giving birthday bumps can get you arrested.

Synonym: Soil, dirty, sully, tarnish, slander
Antonym: Clean, purify, glorify, applaud


Pronunciation: snoop

Meaning: to look around secretly to find

1. Stop snooping around and mind your own business.
2. Celebrities are always wary of paparazzi who snoop around and click embarrassing pictures.

Synonym: pry, meddle, interfere
Antonym: avoid, overlook, ignore

Trendy word of the day: Senile

Pronunciation: see-Nyle

Meaning: poor mental ability, forgetting things, because of old age

1. You don’t even remember what you had for lunch today. Are you going senile?
2. Ritvik loves taking care of his senile grandpa who often forgets to wear his pajamas.

Synonym: feeble, aged, doddering
Antonym: young, childlike

Meaning: someone who spends a lot of money carelessly

1. Kiara is a spendthrift, but the current lockdown has made her helpless.
2.Many spendthrifts are learning to save money now.
3 Kushal is a spendthrift and his parties demonstrate it.

Synonym: extravagant
Antonym: miser


Pronunciation: spla-tu

Meaning: splash with a liquid, typically a thick or viscous one

1. The kitchen tiles were stained due to oil splatters.
2. During holi, we love to splatter colors on one another’s faces.
3. The car drove so fast that it ended up splattering mud on my clothes.

Synonym: splash, scatter, spill, spatter

Trendy word of the day: Self sabotage

Pronunciation: self ‘sa-bu-taaz

Meaning: self destruction, stopping yourself from achieving your dreams and goals

1. Shawn’s bad habits have been self sabotaging.
2. Reema consistently procrastinates and gives herself negative self talk. Her self sabotaging behavior is ruining her career.


Pronunciation: scoot

Meaning: 1. to go quickly 2. to move to different position while seated

1. I need to scoot off to the bus stop.
2. There is an empty seat; can you scoot over? I want to sit here.
3. Scoot over and make room for grandma.
4. James scooted his chair a few inches to the left.