Trendy word of the day: Territorial

Pronunciation: te-ri’to-ree-ul

Meaning: related to the ownership of an area

1. I am not possessive but definitely territorial. I want to protect what is mine.
2. Lions killed each other in a territorial fight.

The whole nine yards

Meaning: Do/want everything possible

1. Crypton tech went the whole nine yards to satisfy their customers.
2. Sateesh loves his mom so much that he would go the whole nine yards for her.
3. Sati went the whole nine yards to protect her husband.

Test the waters

Meaning: 1. To find out people’s feelings or opinions about an idea or plan before taking further action
2. to try something to see if you like it or find it suitable

1. Priya decided to intern at the company and test the waters before she joined the company full time.
2. Riya along with her team planned to test the waters to gauge market demand before launching the new product.


Pronunciation: tee-tow-tu-lu

Meaning: non-drinker, a person who never drinks alcohol

1. My brother is a Teetotaler.
2. “In the UK, being a teetotaler means you are boring and have no sense of fun. Teetotalers are basically social aliens.” Jacki said. .


Meaning: twisted together in a state of utter disorder; complicated and confused.

1. Sonam tried to sort out her tangled emotions.
2. The safety pin somehow got tangled up in my saree.


Pronunciation: tie-‘reyd

Meaning: a long speech charged with harsh/angry tone

1. Sunny launched a tirade at his girlfriend and released all his angst at once.
2. Fatima continued her tirade against the politicians of the country. “They are tearing the country apart,” she said.

Synonym: rant, tongue-lashing, berate, rebuke, reprimand
Antonym: praise, acclaim, eulogy, commend, honor