Placement Experience | TekSystems, package 6 lakhs| Posted by Divya (All copyrights reserved with Vocabulary Tablet)

Hello everyone!!!  I have attended TEKSystems Global Services drive on 27th August 2016. I went to the drive with a positive attitude and wanted to clear maximum rounds and take good experience from it. I had to go through the following rounds: 1. Written Exam 2. Group Discussion – (3 rounds) 3. Technical Interview – (2 rounds) 4. HR Interview – (2 rounds)

The written exam was divided into four sections. It consisted of aptitude + reasoning + verbal + technical (mostly C programming). The paper was tough and maximum students were eliminated. If you are planning to go for this drive make sure you prepare well for this round.

After announcing the written exam results immediately we were taken for group discussion. There were two HR’s who were sitting and observing and two more of them were walking around. The topic for the first round of group discussion was “crime against women”. I have contributed points like ”Women are not feeling secured near the people who are meant to provide them security”. “People should stop judging women based on the clothes they wear”. “The change can be brought from the young minds by giving them proper education as it is the basic foundation for a person’s mentality”.

One of the HR’s who was around asked me my name. I said him, “Divya sir”. He questioned me,” So Divya why is it that the crime rate has increased more from past two decades in parallel with the quality of education?” I answered him, “The crime rate is same now and back then too. The only difference is now everything is out in open and back then stories never came out”. The topic for the second round of group discussion was “Is group discussion really necessary”.

At the start all of us spoke positives about group discussion. So to confuse us one of the HR’s told that there are not only positives but also negatives about group discussion. Once this was told few students spoke only the negatives. I feel that was their mistake. There was one student who said, “for example I have a friend who is good at talking and he got placed and one more who is very talented but not good at expressing himself and he did not get placed. This is unfair and a company can’t decide just in one day a person’s talent”. I answered him, ”A company doesn’t have four years time to study a single person and recruit him”.

I also added, “Not all companies have a group discussion round. Rounds are selected based on their requirements and what do they expect of their employees”. “Group discussion helps us know a lot about a person like whether he is an introvert or extrovert, aggressive or passive and many such points”. “It helps us to know whether a person is able to speak out his point and let people know his opinion”. “Companies want to make sure whether the person they are employing is sensible and is able to provide a comfortable environment for his co-workers”.

Again I was placed a question by the HR,” So what do you think about aggregate? Is it really necessary?” For this I answered,” aggregate provides a minimum guarantee to the company that this person has a basic knowledge of all the subjects”. The topic to the third round of the group discussion was “difference between IT and non-IT”. I said, “IT deals with products being developed based on peoples requirements and non-IT deals with making sure people know such products exist “. “Both play a 50-50 role and both need each other to exist”.

After group discussion round was completed results were announced. We went for the interview. We had to fill an application form and were waiting for our turn. We were sitting in a room along with three HR’s. Few students were first taken for the interview and the remaining of us were waiting. After some time the HR’s started interacting with us. One of the HR’s questioned us, “See legal age for voting is 18 years but for drinking is 21 years. Do you’ll think it is fair? ”. We gave our opinion. I said,” People are matured enough to vote at the age of 18 but not matured enough to drink. And if the government placed such a rule then it is done based on some survey. It’s not like over-night government makes a decision and passes it. And if students are getting caught and being punished then they do deserve the punishment”. After sometime I was called for the interview.

In my first interview they were two technical managers in the panel and I was asked questions from C, DBMS, JAVA and aptitude. In my second interview there was one technical manager in the panel. I was mostly tested on how well I knew my subjects and their applications in real time.

The following few questions were asked to me. In C and DBMS they have written down few codes (pointers and functions) and queries and asked me the output of them. I was asked to write few queries (operators) in DBMS. They asked me about my project and I explained it to them. If you have completed your project they expect in depth knowledge about it. My project is based on data mining in twitter. I even added,” The reason I choose twitter is because it has fast up to date information and the data is publicly accessible”.

Interviewer: “What is encapsulation?”

Me: “It is a process of wrapping data and code. It hides the data and implementation from the outside world”. Interviewer:”How can you implement it?”

Me:”If a field is declared private then only that class can access it. But if we setup public getter and setter methods then its data can be accessed by public methods by making the private fields and their implementation hidden”.

Interviewer: “There are two trains moving on the same track in opposite direction with a speed of 40km/hr. The distance between them is 80kms. There is a bird which flies from first train to second and back to first train, it continues this until the two trains meet. So what is the distance covered by the bird?”

Me: “What is the speed of the bird sir?”

Interviewer: “That’s exactly what I wanted to here. The speed of the bird is 20kms/hr”.

Me: “20kms”.

Interviewer: “Where is HTML, JAVA and DBMS used in an application?”

Me: “The front end is HTML and back end is JAVA which communicates with the databases through query language”.

Interviewer:”If I want to count the number of students absent from a table then how can I do it?”

Me:“By using count operator”. Interviewer:”Write down the code to sort the elements in a queue”.

Me:”Queue follows first in first out structure and hence cannot be sorted”.

Interviewer: “In the form you have filled that you love programming and writing logics. So where is that you have implemented this?”

Me:” I have participated in a coding contest named codevita. We all formed a group and started solving the previous year questions. One by one when we were able to code them it felt like a sense of achievement and that’s when I realized I love coding”.

In my HR interviews the first panel consisted of one HR and the second panel consisted of three HR’s. I was asked to introduce myself. They asked about my family, my interest in higher education and how much I know about their company. I was shown an image and asked what I observed from it. Few of the questions asked to me were,

Interviewer: “What if to impress your manager you have taken heavy work load and you are unable to cope up with it. Then what you will do?”

Me: “Firstly I won’t take up work which I feel I won’t be able to do and even if I have taken up then I will let my manager know I am unable to manage and I am sure I will be provided with additional help”.

Interviewer:”Yes, you will be”. Interviewer:”Are you an extrovert or an introvert?”

Me:”I am neither an extrovert nor an introvert but an ambivert”. Interviewer:”You stay far away so how will you manage to come to work?”

Me:”For my work I will arrange transport Sir”.

Interviewer:”We have a bond of two years so are you ok with it?”


Interviewer:”What if we extend the bond to five years? Are you ok with it?” Me:”Yes I am fine with it”.

I hope that my placement experience helps you‘ll in some way. All the best to everyone out there and I wish the best for all of you!!!!!!!